Ayous is a softwood that belongs to the genus Triplochiton of Malvaceae family. The timber is known by the common names African whitewood, abachi, obeche, wawa, ayous and sambawawa.

It is a very soft and lightweight and has a smooth vein-like appearance consisting of bright and long lines with pale yellow color.

As Novawood, we stand by our customers for their special requests and projects.

Novawood supplies value added Ayous lumber for companies which want to have the flexibility to produce their own profiles.

Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Lengt (mm)
22 100 1500-4500
25 100 / 150 1500-4500
33 100 1500-4500
50 100 / 150 1500-4500
25 RANDOM 1500-4500
50 RANDOM 1500-4500


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