Ash wood (fraxinus) is is a type of hardwood which is native to eastern and central North America.

It is one of the most used trees for everyday purposes and, to keep up with high demand, is cultivated almost everywhere possible. The wood is quite dense (within 20% of 670 kg/m3), strong, and straight-grained.

As Novawood, we stand by our customers for their special requests and projects.

Novawood supplies value added Ash lumber for companies which want to have the flexibility to produce their own profiles.

 Thickness(mm) Width (mm) Length(mm)
26 102/115/127/152/178/203 1200-3600
32 102/127/152/178/203 1200-3600
38 152/178 1200-3600
52 102/152 1200-3600


100% Natural
High quality
Long Lasting