Pi-Fix System

It is a plastic mounting element with an aluminum carcass (with base) used in carcass assembly that allows local change and renewal. The product is used for fixing various ceiling woods boards on the carcass at desired distances. Using an additional measuring equipment such as a template for the distance adjustment on the wood will provide ease of assembly. This setting can be changed flexibly after installation, in all sizes, when assembled.


Technical Details:

Size: All dimensions are in the form and value in accordance with Pi-Fix (the right to change dimensions is reserved).

Material: 6000 (6063 or equivalent) series aluminum profile.

 Weight: 0.58 kgf / mtul Color: Black matte Installation

Detail: vertically on ceiling with 3.5x20 mm A2 quality stainless screw must be screwed.

Screw Axis Distance: It should be applied on both sides, in a diagonal arrangement and should not exceed 300 mm.

Aluminum Carcass Axis Distance: They should be exactly parallel to each other and should not exceed 600 mm. The end protrusions of the sunshades from the axis of the carcass should not exceed 150 mm.

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