Door and Window

Door Scantling

The wood of the doors used in outdoors must also be resistant to the outdoor conditions. Meanwhile, Novawood door materials with thermowood treatment and increased stability come into prominence.

Novawood supplies raw materials for solid doors as well as offering Novawood products in different thicknesses for surface coating of the steel doors.)


Window Scantling

Novawood produces window scantling profiles with its high technology infrastructure and special wood classification. Our difference comes from the fact that the scantling profiles are obtained from Novawood treated woods. They can be produced as finger jointed layers as well as solid layers. The scantling profiles produced with finger jointed and 3 layers have been transformed into a product with minimized working tendency (twisting, bending)  and providing the highest level of stability due to the thermowood process.

According to the international product specifications in window scantling sector, there are 3 types of productions that Novawood offers.

DKD: Outer layers Solid, middle layer Fingerjointed

DKK: One side Solid, middle and bottom layers Fingerjointed

KKK: All layers Fingerjointed

Feel the privilege of turning back to the “natural” again with different tree types and window scantlings produced in different sizes.

Wood Species

Thickness (mm)

Width (mm)  Length (mm)
Ash 8/10/20 90/115/130 1000-3000
Pine 8/10/20 90/115/130 1000-5100
Ayous 8/10/20 90/115/130 800-4000
Beech 8/10/20 90/115/130 800-3000
Oak 8/10/20 90/115/130 800-3000
100% Natural
High quality
Long Lasting