Ash Solid Parquet (Dark)

With the Thermowood technology, Novawood offers its customers the same benefits in indoor floorings as in outdoors.

Ash Solid Parquet is 100% natural and does not contain any chemicals.

Size and form in Ash Solid Parquet show excellent stability. Also, maintaining their natural and aesthetic look for years. The homogenous colour through and through of each plank gives the ability of renewing the Floorings like the first day. Water-based lacquers, oils, can be used for finishing surfaces.

Ash Solid Parquet is a dark Brown alternative for easy contrast in your homes.

Type of Wood Surface Thickness x Width(mm) Legth (mm)
Ash (Extra Quality) Bevelled 20x87-20x112-20x125 500-1500
100% Natural
High quality
Long Lasting