Window Scantling

Window Scantling

Novawood makes a difference with its woodwork that is produced with special sorting and high technological infrastructure. Thermowood process not only improves the stability of the wood but also offers a great advantage in terms of insulation thanks to its low lambda value. In addition to being able to produce as fingerjoints, the outer layers can be produced as solid.

Novawood’s Window Scantlings;

The tendency to work (twisting, bending) is reduced due to both Thermowood and multi-layer lamination.

Beside standard dimensions, it provides easy installation with production in special dimensions which can meet customer demands.

Products going through novawood quality control has less loss rates.

According to International Product Specifications there are 3 types of production in Window Scantling sector what also Novawood offers.

DKD: Outer layers Solid, Middle Layer Fingerjointed

DKK: One side Solid, Middle and Bottom Layers Fingerjointed

KKK: All layer Fingerjointed

Feel the previlige of returning back to the nature with meticulously produced window scantlings in various wood species and dimensions.

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