Pi-Cleaner Application Benefits:

• It ensures that the surfaces of old and contaminated woods are cleaned and purified from the fungi formed on the surface.
• It provides easy and practical cleaning even at unpainted outdoor wood applications such as wood deck and garden fence.
• Pi-Cleaner system cleans the dirt on the surface without the need for scraping during the maintenance and thereby it doesn’t cause any loss of thickness due to the scraper.

Pi-Cleaner Application Steps:

The Pi-Cleaner system developed for wood deck systems doesn’t create any oil or coating-like film layer on the surface after application. It can be rinsed with water after application. Surface treated with Pi-Clean system can be reprocessed in different time periods. It can be repeated over time, enabling bleaching and decoloring.

• The application is a two-staged process which is fast and practical.
• It does not require any special equipment and qualified personnel.

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