Nova-Tile Decking

Nova-Tile Decking


If you are looking for a classy, environmental friendly and durable material that is easy to install, dismantle, maintain and clean, Nova-Tile Decking, produced from 100% natural materials, are just the right thing.

Nova-Tile Decking is attached to high density polyethylene using stainless steel screws, with the underlying material preventing water buildup in wet areas, preventing the problems affecting other plastic material in similar conditions.

Specially designed clip system lowers assembly costs while making installation easier, helping you save on time, prevent dust and dirt buildup, or cause inconvenience to others. As they are removed just as simply as they are installed, you can easily take your Tile Decking with you if you move houses.

Nova-Tile Decking has a wide variety of uses, including pool sides and balconies, terraces and gardens, walkways and promenades, saunas and spas, cafes, pubs and restaurants.

Nova-Tile Decking stable, smooth and suitable for use in all weather conditions, offers a reliable and classy living space for your home and workplace.

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ProfileThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)
Standard19 / 20 / 21
90 / 115 / 140900 - 2100

900 - 2100