Cross Laminated Panel

Cross Laminated Panel



Novawood is Binderholz’s official partner in Turkey, which is the Europe’s best company in structural wood supported with high technology and innovation.

Cross Laminated Panel is made out of multi-layered solid hardwood. Cross Laminated Panel is a wood material, which is a sturdy constructional element that isolates the heat, and can carry equal amount of loads as concrete buildings. It ensures sound insulation, and is fire-resistant. It is assembled quickly and easily.

Wood has a positive impact on people’s moods. PU glue without formaldehyde used in Cross Laminated Panels protects them from external factors and weather conditions, and is healthy. Increasing use of wood, as a permanent construction material, with its energy saving and neutral CO2 features, contributes actively to the protection of nature.Yearly electric consumption of a concrete house is 140 kW compared to 34 kW/year for a frame house. Thus, it is possible to achieve a real saving in the amount of energy required for heating.

Cross Laminated Panel is a single piece construction material consisting of lumber (99.4%) and glue (0.6%). That is why planning stage, construction and the resolution of all details are simple. Planned physical structure of the building can be easily accomplished and controlled. Just as there are no complicated details, construction stage is not complex, either. The building can be constructed easily as planned.

Considering the quick installation, Cross Laminated Panels offer constructions a significant advantage of time and cost saving. Many design engineers and construction companies take into consideration the significant advantages of the ability to complete the assembly and installation in a short time and completing the construction quickly.

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